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For interested PIs and sites, the IQVIA Clinical Research Network, Avacare, provides a complete clinical research infrastructure, including operational, monitoring and compliance expertise. By aligning with our network, you and your team can focus on enhancing patient care and also benefit from:
  • Access to a diverse portfolio of clinical trials
  • Comprehensive study support including providing and managing experienced study coordinators
  • Timeline efficiencies in recruitment and study startup
  • Patient-centric recruitment and retention delivering a 98% retention rate in North America
Sites across the Avacare network need not worry about resources, financial management or expansion of research. Each site receives support for study startup
– contracting, budgets, IRB. and QA/QC, as well as one point of contact. Sites within our network additionally enjoy:
  • Identification of studies specific to your patient populations
  • Central IRBs for faster study startup
  • Centralized administrative, financial and project management teams
  • Guidance on therapeutic expansion strategies inclusive of training programs
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