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KORTUC Phase II - Intra-tumoural Radiation Sensitizer in Patients With Locally Advanced/Recurrent Breast Cancer


About the study

This is a study aimed at testing a commonly available and inexpensive chemical (hydrogen peroxide) for efficacy in sensitising large cancerous lumps in the breast to a standard course of radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced or recurrent breast cancer. Laboratory research and initial clinical trials in Japan suggest that 4 to 6 injections of a radiation sensitiser ('KORTUC') based on very dilute (0.5%) hydrogen peroxide injected into cancers under local anaesthetic twice a week during radiotherapy greatly increases the effectiveness of standard doses of radiotherapy alone. The side effects are limited to mild/moderate discomfort at the injection site for up to 24 hours reported by Japanese breast cancer patients in whom this treatment has been tested. Complete tumour shrinkage in 70/71 (98%) primary breast cancers up to 5 cm diameter have been reported by Japanese collaborators.

Who can take part

You may be eligible to participate in the study if you meet the following criteria:


Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Patient age 18 years and over
  2. Primary locally advanced breast cancer, or locally recurrent breast cancer with/without metastases (metastases, if present, should be stable or oligometastatic)
  3. Radical/high dose palliative radiotherapy required for lifetime control of local morbidities
  4. Patient physically and mentally fit for radical/high dose palliative radiotherapy
  5. Target tumour accessible for intra-tumoural injection
  6. Patient suitable/compliant with MR protocol
  7. At least one tumour diameter ≥30 mm and ≤150 mm measurable by ultrasound or MR imaging
  8. Patients with predicted life expectancy of 12 months or more
  9. Negative pregnancy test before start of radiotherapy in women of child bearing potential and an ability/willingness to protect against pregnancy from consent and for 3 months post-radiotherapy
  10. Patient offers written informed consent


Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Prior radiotherapy to the target area
  2. Maximum diameter of target tumour <30 mm or >150mm measurable by ultrasound or MR
  3. Anatomical location and/or extent of disease difficult to access for safe intra-tumoural drug injections, for example by virtue of contiguous major blood vessels and/or brachial plexus
  4. Concomitant chemotherapy or biological therapy except Herceptin, Pertuzumab and Denosumab (all endocrine therapies and bisphosphonates are allowed concomitantly; other cytotoxics and biological therapies apart from those mentioned above should be stopped 3 weeks prior to RT)
  5. Pregnancy or nursing
  6. Hypersensitivity to any of the KORTUC ingredients
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Breast Cancer

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Phase 2

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Dec 31, 2026

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